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Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics - is where students tackle high school concepts at very high levels, all through the lens of an authentic learning environment. Students join the STEAM family where they are given an individualized, project based, and technology centered education. Our core values, otherwise known as the STEAM Habits, include soft skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and leadership, which prepare students for success in-and-out of our school walls.

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Innovation and Leadership.

STEAM is a school that thrives through innovation and teamwork. Together we work to grow as a school and a community, in hopes that one day learners will become today's leaders. Each leader that walks through the halls of our school sets an example. They are a role model and execute each of the six STEAM Habits everyday.

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English Department.

At STEAM Academy, we believe that communication is paramount to success in the 21st Century market. The ability to write effectively, speak with conviction and persuasion, and even the ability to listen are skills that will set our students apart.

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Kari Patrick, who teaches English 1 & 2, runs a vibrant, collaborative class that is focused on using communication skills in an innovative way. Mrs. Patrick hopes to create a project in one of her classes where students would write a piece and then transform that piece into a documentary, eventually getting the documentaries played in front of audiences. These kind of projects cover the major educational benchmarks of explanatory essays to improve the community, addressing stereotypes, and writing skills.
Kim Fisher teaches mostly English 1, but she does have an English 2 class during her day at work. Her classes are ran like a well oiled machine. There is no time that is wasted and kids are always learning something new. Mrs. Fisher has the ability to connect with her students and can put herself in a student’s’ perspective. This helps her explain one thing in many different ways. The goal in her class is for students to improve their writing and reading skills. She makes sure that students can write a solid paragraph that is cohesive and contains strong ideas. Along with the opinion documentary that students in english 1 do, Mrs. Fisher is also conducting the “20% Project” this is an independent study project that gives students the freedom to learn about almost anything they can think of. The product from this independent study project will be a short TED talk seminar that highlights what the students learned about their topic.
Marty Vaughan, English 4 and Journalism teacher, is a PBL advocate here at STEAM. In English 4, the students organized a festival styled event that maintained a fun environment while featuring multiple speakers. This event had a simple message: unlearn fear and hate, which is a theme that his classes have been working on for this year. In the first year of Journalism, Vaughan acted as the Chief Editor to produce STEAM’s best yearbook to date, STEAM’s very own student ran radio show and the school’s first published Literary Magazine. This year Vaughan’s Journalism class is continuing the radio show and Literary Magazine but adding a new challenge for students to tackle: creating and managing the student lead STEAM English website.

Student Spotlight.

Student Spotlight

Tija C.

Tija is part of the Journalism class here at STEAM Academy. Here she is reviewing her notes on an investigative story on Project Based Learning.
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J Term. Video Production.

STEAM is a school that thrives through innovation and teamwork. Together we work to grow as a school and a community, in hopes that one day learners will become today's leaders. In J Term, students explored storytelling in short films. Check out one the favorites!

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